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Bang-e-Sahar Volume-02, Issue-23

Need for a new social contract
Weekly Bang Sahar Saturday 13 December----------26 December, 2008
Need for a new social contract
Gilgit Baltistan has been the epicenter of international conspiracies ever since because of its unique geography. When the pages of history are turned it will become clear that the region has always suffered political, social, religious, historical and geographical changes due to international conspiracies but these changes took place without efforts or will of the local population. The region at times has functioned as a whole state and at times different small states disintegrated from it. The region has come on the world map as Brooshal and Dardistan and at times it has become one grand state known as Bolor while the neighboring states have always had an eye on the region and waited for a proper time to attack.After 1860 the region went under consecutive slaveries and sieges and this process continued for last 140 years. The current era of slavery started after death of the great warrior Gohar Aman and is elongating ever since. Soon after demise of Raja Gohar Aman, political deterioration and disintegration of state started in the region. Maharaja of Kashmir was waiting for a proper time to conquer the region even in the life of Raja Gohar Aman and his demise provided the Maharaja with a golden opportunity to make a distant dream come true and he succeeded in splitting the region into two main ministries. It was during this era that political changes started to take place in Russia and China which created a panic among the imperialists. After 1935 when the west started conspiracies to stop socialism and in order to implement its policies, its eyes rested on Gilgit Baltistan. In the notorious lease pact the people of Gilgit agency too were sold or given at lease along with the land of the region which became known as the 'great game' and this conspiracy was referred to by John Key in his book written in 1890. In the early forties when the Second World War when Britain faced tragic defeat and the English finally decided to leave subcontinent. They cloned from the state they ruled a fake and unnatural land in order to create suitable environment for fulfillment of there notorious agendas against socialism but still they saw there efforts failing due to Gilgit agency. The mid 40s was the decade of independence of nations and the people of Gilgit Baltistan too fought for their independence freeing there land from the Maharaja of Kashmir. Understanding nature of the issue English sabotaged their fresh gained independence. The newly born country created from a province was demolished within 16 days by English major and a Pakistani 'C' class magistrate. The morning of 16th November brought with it long era of slavery. Today after a lapse of 61 years the slavery is coming to a no end but elongating with the passage of time. Two generations have spent there lives dreaming of independence. After seize fire of 1948 the regions fate was attached with that of Kashmir. United Nations passed a number of resolutions on Kashmir dispute while the governments of Pakistan and India too settled on secret agreements through back door diplomacy but nothing proved fruitful. 15 million people are suffering due to this rivalry of India and Pakistan while both the countries are accusing each other as the route cause of the issue. No one is ready to settle on minus one just for there own ego. If any one looses in this hide and seek game that is population of Kashmir, they are deprived of there basic rights and the people have nothing but to wait for the decision of their fate. After resolution of the United Nations the people of the region were penning hopes with it but the irresponsible attitude of the institution for 61 years has faded away the hopes that people of Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan had penned with. After 2001 the composite dialogues between India and Pakistan had some how reprieved the hope in these people but sad events after 6 years once again drowned the hopes and dreams of these people. Due to attachment of the region with Kashmir dispute nationalists of the region are forced to struggle with Kashmir's. the progress from local to international level after 2002 has strengthened the hopes of the people at one hand while on the other hand they are expressing there reservations as they fear that after gaining independence they might go into the slavery of Kashmir this time and like wise they might fall to the slavery of Sirinagar. Nationalists have no option but to remain attached with Kashmir according to the resolutions of the United Nations. we are of the view that the right time has came for now that the nationalist movements of Gilgit Baltistan should sign a 'sociological agreement' with the Kashmir nationalist movements that can guarantee and safeguard rights of Gilgit Baltistan. It should be made so that after gaining independence the people of the region may get the right to decide there fate as to function as independent state or continue as a confederation with Kashmir state. If the people of Gilgit Baltistan do not feel comfortable in confederation they may have the right to vote in a referendum and get there need. After sociological agreement Kashmir should accept Gilgit Baltistan as an independent state if they vote for an independent state in referendum. Such agreements have remained part of all the independence movements around the globe and it has succeeded always, an example of which is USSR confederation. When the people of Central Asia did not want to go along with USSR they spelt away without any blood shed. So this agreement is necessity of the time so that the people of the region may get answer to the innumerable questions that rise in the minds of the people regarding there future.
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Chinese new design to occupy Gilgit Baltistan
Weekly Bang Sahar Saturday 13 December----------26 December, 2008Chinese new design to occupy Gilgit BaltistanBNF chief urges world community to take noticeBy Our CorrespondentBrussels: Chairman Balawaristan National Front Abdul Hamid Khan has urged upon world community to persuade China not to involve itself in the occupation process of Pakistan by leasing the mountains and by constructing Railways and Dams to change the environment, demography and geography of Gilgit Baltistan. "And process of this occupation is already underway with the huge presence of Chinese national in our Area" he added. Addressing an international conference on cultural heritage of Kashmiri people he extended condolences to the victim's families of the Mumbai carnage and said it is a fact that the so called democratic government in Pakistan is subservient of the Pakistani Military and is totally unaware of ISI's covert acts of terror including the recent in Mumbai.He said in former state Jammu and Kashmir, Chitral was part of Maharaja Suzerainty which is now Part of NWFP. He stressed establishment of impartial judiciary in the region and said there was no credible institution in the Area including political system that may assure an independent judiciary which is vital to provide justice and protect the rights and freedoms of the people. "Neither the people have the right to appeal in any Court of Pakistan nor do they have their own High Court and Supreme Court" he added saying in the absence of proper and Impartial Judiciary and Public Representation no question of good governance arises.He said Gilgit Baltistan is ruled by the occupying regime of Pakistan and it's Military and the people have no Political representation either in Pakistan or in Gilgit Baltistan. Slamming the so-called Northern Areas Legislative Assembly he said it is a mere impotent body that is run and controlled by Pakistan Minister for Kashmir and Northern Areas.He said this region is treated as colony of Pakistan even in the 21st Century.Shedding light over the injustice and violation of Fundamental rights in the region he said this is the only part of the world, where 2 million indigenous people including local Police, Judiciary, Administration, Education and all government departments are facing worst kind of annihilation due to the discriminatory policies of successive Pakistani regimes. Criticizing installation of Nuclear weapons at Skardu Airport he said it can be dangerous to the whole area, as there were Terrorist training camps in Ghowadi in Baltistan and other nearest areas like Domail and Minimarg of Astore. He said Pakistan has plan to depute more than 100,000 strong Military besides ISI and other intelligence agencies and terrorists in the Area. "The deputation of this huge Military will be detrimental to the existence of the local indigenous people on one side and to the world peace and stability because of its habit to establish terrorist network on the other" he added. He said there were some evidences of presence of Osama in Chitral and then shifting him to Darel of Gilgit in 2002 is a clear indication that Pakistan uses this disputed land to promote its terrorist agenda against the will of the people.Talking about construction of vrious dams in the region he said The designs of Pakistan to construct huge Dams in Diamar, Skardu, Bunji and Henzel Gilgit by the help of China was just to submerge the vast area and displacing indigenous people and destroying its unique heritage, history, culture and natural atmosphere. He said Bhasha Diamar Dam's reservoir, located in Diamer, would submerge 110 kilometers with the height of 270 meter of the Karakoram Highway and around 80,000 people would be displaced and about 200KM area up to Gilgit town will be submerged. "This will destroy the oldest Bhudha civilization besides other ancient civilization" he added.Pakistan also have the plan to build dam in Skardu by submerging 300,000 aboriginal population of this disputed area for its own benefits.750 feet high Skardu Dam will submerge not only the whole Skardu city along with its historical and secret religious places and forts but minerals and ancient houses of the whole Baltistan including Kharmang, Shigar, Khapolu, and many places of Rundo will be vanished from the earth forever. Pakistan is also building a 3rd Dam in Bonji on river Indus without consulting of the people, who have no representation anywhere in the world, neither in Pakistan, India nor in the UNO. It will be Great loss to our environment, wild life, minerals and both semi and precious stones worth of billions of Rupees. As far population is concern 80,000 in Population of Diamar Bhasha Dam, 80,000, Skardu dam 200, 000, and about 30,000 in Bunji dam will be displaced, who are in indigenous people of this land. Pakistan is also trying to construct Railway by cutting and destroying the beautiful mountainous with the help of China for their own interest without any legal authority. Talking about the historical background of the region he said China had already occupied Taghdumbash and Raskam areas of Hunza including Azghar, Kuktash, Arsar, Uprang, Uruklu,Aliksu, Tashmani and Aksu, which were part and parcel of Hunza, besides a major part of Shimshal Hunza has been ceded to China by Pakistan in 1963 for the construction of KKH, which is mostly used for the Military purpose between the two countries . Commenting on violation of UN resolutions in Gilgit Baltistan he said in spite of the fact that the region does not fall into the jurisdiction and constitution of Pakistan and its imposed laws, Pakistan has deputed 30000 regular troops, 5000 militia, 5000 members of Intelligence Agencies besides its 40000 armed civilians instead of withdrawing forces and civilians in 12 weeks according to UN Truce Terms of 28th April 1949. He said Gilgit Baltistan is an important area of disputed Jammu & Kashmir because it borders with China, Afghanistan, Central Asia (Tajikistan Uzbekistan), India and Pakistan, whose fate is still to be decided according to the 1948-49 UNCIP resolutions. He said Pakistan is also strengthening its occupation by giving more than 2000 leases of the highest mountains which are full of precious and industrial mines to China and its own national illegally by violating UNCIP.He said State Subject Rule is still strictly observed on both side of Jammu & Kashmir, except Gilgit Baltistan and accused that Pakistan is settling its own extremist as well as Afghani, Chinese and other extremist nationals, with the intention to change the demography of the local indigenous people.He appealed UNO and European Union to press Pakistan to withdraw its troops and citizens , according UNCIP resolution of 13 August 1947, 5 Jan 1949 and 28 April 1949 Truce Terms. "Violations of state subject rule should be declared as null, and void and violators should be sent back to their own countries" he demanded. He appealed on behalf of the people of Gilgit Baltistan appealed to the UNO, USA and European Union through the Conference to request Chinese government to handover the territories of Hunza which have been occupied for the long time and not indulge itself in the internal affairs of Gilgit Baltistan. He demanded of the European Union and world bodies to establish a Constitutional Assembly for carrying out the eviction process of Pakistani forces and civilians to pave the way for a representative and democratic government in Gilgit Baltistan as well as in the Azad Kashmir under the supervision of UN and EU. "it should not be subservient to government of Pakistan, its Army or any of its institution" he added.
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Electricity, Petrol and Wheat shortage
Weekly Bang Sahar Saturday 13 December----------26 December, 2008Electricity, Petrol and Wheat shortageThousands protest against District AdministrationBy our correspondentAstore: Thousands gathered to protest against flour, electricity and petroleum shortage at Pareshan Chowk despite the sever chill on the call of municipal members, Astore Youth Forum, Kakarurum National Movement, Pakistan Peoples Party and Muslim League-N.Protestors held banners inscribed with words demanding tourism advisor Abdul Hamed Khan to 'stop unnecessary interference in the maters of district administration' and chanted slogans against the irresponsible attitude of district administration towards public issues while accused it of playing at the hands of tourism advisor.Addressing the gathering chairman Karakurum National Moment Iqbal Advocate said Astore was being treated as a no mans land due to which corruption was at its peak in government institutions but Public representatives are busy running after there personal benefits due to which the public issues go unnoticed. He demanded of the government to take immediate notice of the alarming situation and said the public can go rampant otherwise. Vice president PPP Astore city and member Municipal committee, Abdullah Khan while addressing the gathering said on one hand is the shortage of petroleum, flour and electricity while on the other hand tourism advisor had besieged the district administration. He said no individual had the right to play with the fate of public of Astore and for now the public awareness has risen and no one will be allowed to play hide and seek with the mass here for mere public interests.Abdul Hali of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz group, slammed district administration and tourism advisor for using government machinery for there own personal interests and demanded action against those black marketing flour in his speech. General Secretary PPP Astore Wazir Ibadat Ali advocate said due to the negligence of Public Works Department (PWD) and Food Department mass of Astore were suffering but nobody bothered to ask the mentioned departments and it is clear that there was nothing like rule of law in the district. He accused tourism advisor for using flour depot's building to dump municipal committee's machinery.
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BNF to present its "Political and economic road map"
Weekly Bang Sahar Saturday 13 December----------26 December, 2008BNF to present its 'political and economic road map'By our correspondentGilgit: "we have succeded in addressing the national issue of Gilgit Baltistan at international level and now with more amendments in the party manifesto we will present a well defined political and economic road map in front of the mass of Gilgit Baltistan". These views were expressed by Burhan Ullah senior leader of Balawaristan national front in a press statement issued from the party's central office. He said we believe in national democratic revolution in Gilgit Baltistan and making this the very foundations of our philosophy we are struggling for its practical implementation in the region. He said paper work was under way for good functioning of institutions after establishment of state and very soon we will make a committee to work on it that is why colleges and universities were more focused so that the new generations can come to know about the glorious history of their ancestors. He said it was his firm belief that the young and coming generations will bring good name to their region like all other civilized nations and added that today's global village stands on the very foundations of it.
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Up-lift of Ghizer-Tajikistan route demanded
Weekly Bang Sahar Saturday 13 December----------26 December, 2008Up-lift of Ghizer-Tajikistan route demandedBy our correspondentGilgit: Senior nationalist Sher Ali advocate has demanded the government to immediately start work on Ghizer Tajiskistan route and said it will in no way affect business on Pak China border. 'It will bring an economic revolution to the region instead' he said adding that delaying the project was equal to economic massacre of the region. He said construction of the route requires less amount as the distance the distance from Gilgit to Ganj Hai was small besides the countries of East Asia are rich in fuel. 'Gas, electricity and coal can be imported from there and the fuel crisis is not only a problem of Gilgit Baltistan but Pakistan too is haunted by the issue' he observed. He said the road has more benefits than KKH and condemned the government for making the project a failure. He said the PPP government has carried out survey of the route in 1993 and now as it is again in power it should carry along with the project as it was in the interest of the country.
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Anti-doubling drive
Weekly Bang Sahar Saturday 13 December----------26 December, 2008Anti-doubling drivePolitical and religious parties urged to stand againstBy our correspondentGilgit: Deputy Amir Jameat Ulemai Islam Gilgit Moulana Maqsood Ahmed has said that tax cannot be implemented in Gilgit Baltistan in accordance with the international laws. He said the local administration's drive against theft vehicles is an enigma in itself as on what logic did it regards vehicles being legal or illegal. He said the system of traffic is badly affected by this drive. While talking to Bange Sahar he said the local administration has no right to regard vehicles as legal or illegal when the region's legality itself is disputed. He condemned the drive against theft vehicles by the local administration and termed it a means to earn pocket money as it was the usual habit of traffic police to harass innocent people and demand money for no legitimate reason.He said traffic system of the region is badly affected by this drive and suggested the police to check driving licenses instead, he accused the traffic police department for issuing licenses without checking legal requirements of the applicant and said his party will protest against this drive. He said in today's crises laden world this act of the administration is another addition to the problems of the mass of Gilgit Baltistan. He urged all political and religious groups of the region to get united against this drive of the local administration.BNF,s stanceleaders of Balawaristan National Front have condemned the drive against theft vehicles and demanded an immediate stop to it. They said even after crossing ten barriers these vehicles were not different from non custom paid (NCP) vehicles. They demanded the local administration to register the vehicles and said it was economic massacre of the region. "The local administration is depriving people form there earnings in the name of doubling but will they bother to tell hope is there triple existence in the region legal"? Observed Safdar Ali, spokesman of Balawaristan National Front. Ali Haider Taj said depriving people of there vehicles is in no way a legal or ethical act and added that the party along with other nationalist parties and mass of the region will start a long lasting protest against the drive if this is continued. Burhan ullah said I want to make clear to the administration to register the vehicles and give them back to there owners other wise no move of the local administration will meet success.
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`Those without a political destination are opposing our movement
Weekly Bang Sahar Saturday 13 December----------26 December, 2008`Those without a political destination are opposing our movement`: GBDABy our correspondentGilgit: leaders of Gilgit Baltistan Democratic Alliance have said that those opposing our movement have no knowledge of there own political destination. While condemning the statement published in a local weekly against the alliance, they said the people chanting slogans of there honesty with Pakistan have strong ties with Taliban and these are the people whose ancestors had opposed creation of Pakistan. They said we neither are against any county nor have are we plotting against anyone. "We are struggling for our independence which is our very right and mission and no body can stop us from this" they observed. They said those opposing us have no knowledge of there own political destiny and are riding two boats at once. They said these people are on one hand chanting slogans of there loyalty with Pakistan on the other hand they have close ties with anti Pakistan Taliban forces. They said nobody can stop GBDA from gaining its aim.
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The case of Boloristan and its future prospects
Weekly Bang Sahar Saturday 13 December----------26 December, 2008The case of Boloristan and its future prospectsBy Tahir Jan HunzaiToday Bolor region is facing problems squarely; one hand it is confronting social and economic problems while on the other hand its national integrity too is at stake. If events persist in this order it won't be wrong to say that like the past, Baloristan will split into many fragments. The way in which Chitral and Kohistan were cut off from our region there is an equal possibility that parts will be disintegrated from Balosristan now or in the near future and the mass like the past will not be able to do anything but watch the region gradually disintegrate into small fragments. Linguistic discrimination has become an integral part of our nature and instead of thinking for our own integrity, our religious contractors are praying hard for the integrity of our masters instead. Namberdars and headers are waiting for opportunity to serve there masters. Our hired militia is mad waiting for the time when it can give away whatever he owes in the name of its master and personnel of the intelligence agencies are hunting for patriotic nationalist's activists. God forbids if we get alternate masters in lieu of the long waited independence these people will be equal loyal to the new masters and will go the very lengths to please there master. Question arises that how this situation was created in 'darkens of the night' to get an answer we need to turn the pages of history. And history reveals that this situation was completed in three distinct phases. These phases are the era before 1842 and second phase constitutes the time from 1842 to 1891 while the third phase comprises time from 1891 to 1947. We were independent till 1842 and our rulers were hard core patriots along with our Numberdars, Haveldars and the state machinery of the independent states. We were economically weak but had a strong position regarding independence and nobody had the guts to prove us weak on the national question. We were considered to be the bravest on earth and states of Hunza, Yaseen and Nagar's bravery were famous in Sirinagar. According to Ghansara Singh "the people of this region were without doubt fighting with one another but were united whenever foreign invader came and this was the very logic of there independence". Enmity was created among mass of the state when to save the kingdom of Gilgit Raja Karim Jan took aid from Sikhs and from this started a chain of our slavery and the local rulers started asking for aid to fight against other local rulers. When Raja Karim Khan sought aid from Sikhs, brave rulers like Gohar Aman of Yaseen and Safdar Ali of Hunza turned every stone to force Sikhs leave the region and the time from 1812 to 1891 passed in wars for independence and this was the time when our fate was to be decided but considering the strategic importance of the region the English imperialists with the aid of Sikhs, Dogar and Gorkha army fought a bloody war at Nilt resulting in surrender of Hunza and Nagar. This war fought at Nilt was fought between British army, Sikhs and Dogras with the combined forces of Hunza and Nagar. Nagar was defeated after which mass massacre took place at Chilas and then Yaseen as a result a legendary era of this region came to an end and than stated the dark era of slavery and nepotism by the British Raj in the region which till the present is continued. After 1891 Nazeem Khan was appointed Mir (ruler) in Hunza while members of royal family were appointed Governers in the Yaseen state. These governors were mere paid rulers meant to work for the benefits of British Raj and the status of these rulers was nothing more than personal assistants of British imperialists in there respective regions. These governors on the directives of the British Raj harrased there own people and did every thing to demolish the progressive and revolutionary souls in them. As a result of the continuous harassment of the mass of Hunza and Yaseen the people became so astute that nobody can today believe that these are the people who had fought the war of Nilt. From 1891 to 1947/48 these Rajas and Mirs never tried to fight for there own existence but remained loyal; more than the king to there masters instead sent a force in the name of Gilgit Scouts to aid the local mass and Gilgit scout has always been used in the benefit of English rule and against its own people as happened in Chalat these scouts opened fire on there own people. When came the era of 1947/48 these Rajas and Mirs instead of bringing back there own independence provided aid to the British Raj and without any price or promise gave there respective regions of Pakistan neglecting the public opinion. Every year on November 1st, mass of Gilgit Baltistan celebrates Independence Day to make the mass believe that people of the region had fought the war on there own and gained independence on the powers of there own and affiliated to Pakistan after an interim government of 15days. This is a mere fake rather the greatest fraud of history and when incidence of 1st November took place both independence and slavery was waiting the fate of the region in parallel to each other. When Gilgit scouts under leadership of Major Brown arrested Ghansara Singh and announced independence it came the other way and the announced independence proved to be a miserable long lasting slavery in turn. On the very directives of major brown, independence seeker Shah Raes Khan and Captain Mirza Hasan Khan were side lined knowing the fact that Mirza Hassan and Shah Raees Khan were seeking independence. Local rulers were not with this seeking independence and the Gilgit Scout was force of local rulers. In a nutshell, one side were those seeking accession as major Brown, Babar Khan and Shah Khan while on the other hand were those seeking independence as Shah Raes Khan and Shah Khan but later Mirza Hassan claimed that they had fought the war of independence and won but fighting along them were Gilgit scouts and how can Mirza claim that he had fought for independence despite knowing the fact that Gilgit scout was fighting for accession. if this is the fact than Miraza Khan can never be called our national hero as he had not fought for accession but Mirza committed this blander and made himself doubtful.... What should be done now as whatever has happened has happened and we cannot alter the past. when our master were chained in 1948 we once again remained slave or became old slaves under new masters and a political agent of Pakistani rulers came to our region who kept our region literally under siege in the name of black laws as Frontier crimes regulation (FCR) while on the other hand when in 1948 Pakistan and India fought a number of wars on the Kashmir front. according to the resolutions of United Nations seize fire was implemented with the aid of former Soviet socialist block and in the resolutions of United Nations the separate identity of Balosristan was accepted and it was ordered to withdraw foreign troops from the region and it was decided to make a local authority that can govern the region till the solution of Kashmir dispute. Local security will be under control of local Para military forces but we remained ignorant of this entire taking place at the international level. We kept chanting slogans of constituent and rights and the Pakistani establishment too deprived us saying that solving this problem will create problems to the Kashmir cause. There was no questing of any harm to the Kashmir cause but it was said so because Pakistan knew that beurocracy will never get the benefits which were not acceptable to the Pakistani establishment. The so called leadership of Kashmir too showed duplicity and considered Baloristan a hurdle in its way and aided Pakistan to deprive us of our rights. We should demand that local authority should be granted according to the resolution of the United Nations and every feign troops be immediately withdrawn from the region. Demanding so dose not mean that we are coming crime of any sort instead undoing a crime committed by Pakistan which its doing since 61years. we should demand Pakistan to leave us on the position of 1947/48 and only than can the mass of Baloristan take any legal step regarding its fate either it be accession to Pakistan or making an independent state this should not matter to Pakistani rulers and no one has given Pakistan the right to make us live under colonial system in the name of Kashmir cause.
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Conference on 'Cultural heritage of Kashmir' held
Weekly Bang Sahar Saturday 13 December----------26 December, 2008Conference on 'Cultural heritage of Kashmir' heldBy our correspondentBrussels: An international conference on cultural heritage of Kashmiri people ended here Thursday night stressing that irrespective of their location, "All people of the former princely state of Jammu and Kashmir share a unique and ancient heritage".The two-day conference organized by British Member of the European Parliament Baroness Emma Nicholson was attended by representatives of various groups and factions from both sides of the divided Kashmir. At the end of the gathering, the participants issued a declaration expressing their resolve to "forge a peaceful pathway through identifying and implementing a series of steps" that will lead to a prosperous and cohesive future for all Kashmiris wherever they may reside. Emma Nicholson, who authored the European Parliament's report on Kashmir which was adopted by a vast majority of the EU Assembly in 2007, said the purpose of the conference was to tackle for the first time the creation of a path for peace and prosperity for the people of the former princely state of Jammu and Kashmir .My colleagues here said this is the best ever report (on Kashmir) so what we get next. I thought about it and came to the conclusion that the best offering I could make was to create an institution on the web. It is a club on the web," she said. Nicholson said she hopes to launch the web within two weeks. "We will work step by step to get peace, prosperity, fundamental freedoms, rule of law," she added.Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri, chairman of the United Kashmir Peoples National Party, said the conference has formed working groups, which will deal with various issues like rule of law and judiciary reform. "It was a successful conference," he said. Abdul Hamid Khan, chairman of the Balwaristan National Front, addressing the conference spoke about the "alarming situation of Chinese new design to occupy Gilgit Baltistan with the blessing of Pakistan". Shabir Choudhury, spokesman of Kashmir National Party, said: "Kashmiri struggle in a view of nationalist Kashmiris is a struggle to get national independence for the state of Jammu and Kashmir, but this should not be done in name of any religion as Kashmir dispute is not religious in nature."Meanwhile, the Kashmir Centre in Brussels Wednesday organized the fourth annual Human Rights Day celebration luncheon.
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